The Walk of Stars is located under the Texas Street Bridge, east of Commerce Street in the Red River District.


The Walk of Stars award of Merle Kilgore

Pictures by courtesy Lani Arnold.


The Walk of Stars award was created to recognize individuals from northwest Louisiana who are distinguished in their professional and/or civic endeavors or who have brought recognition and attention to the area, and who have been involved in those activities for at least five years. The Walk of Stars is located under the Texas Street Bridge, east of Commerce Street in the Red River District.

The honorees may come from any profession or industry including, but not limited to, athletics, music, acting, business, politics, education and community service.


These honorees have been working as singer or in an other capacity in the music industry:

JAMES BURTON  - Inductee 1999

ELVIS RESLEY - Posthumously Inducted 2001

JIMMIE DAVIS - Posthumously Inducted 2002

TILLMAN FRANKS - 2003 Inductee

HUDDIE LEDBETTER - 2004 Inductee

HANK WILLIAMS - 2004 Inductee

HANK WILLIAMS Jr. 2004 Inductee

MERLE KILGORE - 2004 Inductee


KWKH's 'The Louisiana Hayride Show' originated from Shreveport from the forties till mid sixties and a number of important country music artists have not yet been elected to have a star in the Walkway. Among them is JIM REEVES who , in 1952 began his career at KWKH, first as a deejay, later as a country music singer.  Lani Arnold, who is a niece of Jim, is working toward having a star placed in the downtown area of Shreveport, Louisiana, along with existing stars of famous individuals that made a contribution to the area.  The Shreveport Chamber of Commerce is in charge of this project. The cost for the star is $1500.00. One can get media coverage, etc. for $2500.00.  She mostly interested in the star that will preserve Jim's contribution to the "Cradle of Stars".

She has collected $900.00 to date and  spoke with Debra Wyatt at the Chamber who told  her of the project that they are working on to induct some of the Hayride stars after the first of the year.  She was most excited that funds are being collected as this will insure Jim's rightful place on the "Walk of Stars".   She also told that a group was collecting for Faron Young.  Apparently, they are planning a big induction function for the Hayriders and we don't want Jim to be left out. Jim has been overlooked for sometime now because no one took an active role in pushing this thing thru.  She thinks that it is a way for the fans to play an active role in keeping his memory alive.

Many fans have asked what they can  do to help?  This is a way that they can help and it will also send a clear message to Shreveport that Jim may be deceased but he is not forgotten.   That his music is still alive and touching lives everyday.  The Chamber will hold the money in escrow earmarked for Jim's star.  Lani had folks to make their checks out to the Chamber of Commerce and send them to her so that I could keep a record of all contributions so that the Chamber did not earmark any for someone else.  Lani Arnold  will be taking her first payment downtown soon.

She has set up a Paypal account for those that choose to go that route. It is a tax deductible contribution here in the states.  Her  address is:  Lani Arnold , 2018 South Kirkwood,  Shreveport, Louisiana 71118 , Home Phone 318-687-1716 , Work Phone 318-524-2022

No one has to make a large contribution, if  all of Jim's fans would contribute a little something we would have more than enough.  The Chamber seems to think that Jim is just a long forgotten country music artist.  Let's rally together to show them that they are oh so wrong!

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to e-mail her at:

 Please click here to  download an official  Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce brochure of the Walkway of Stars in pdf format.