For a few weeks one can find a 2 CD Jim Reeves album listed on the H&H MUSIC website.

The album is called  'I'M A HIT AGAIN' (HHCD 316) and contains 36 tracks from a selection of Jim Reeves songs pulled from a few Voicemaster albums. Both  CD labels and CD covers bear  the logos of both H&H MUSIC and VOICEMASTERS

CD 1 features  17 overdubbed songs, including  'I'm A Hit Again' and 'Distant Drums', and 5 songs from the concert at the Nashville Centennial Park in 1961.

CD2 features  Jim singing pop songs  he did on  the ABN 'JIM REEVES SHOW'.

A 12 page booklet with information about the tracks has been enclosed with the CD. It  contains some interesting information, such as that the new Jim Reeves book  will be available at .  That website was 'parked'  untill November 24th. That website has a picture of the front cover of the book and other info about it which had been published before, but no indication how much it possibly could cost.  The book cannot be ordered yet, but you can be put on a list to be notified when the book is  out, that is old news too.

It became known that  a CD with 4 track single 'I'M A HIT AGAIN' (HHCDS 003)  and a promotional leaflet have been sent to various radio stations in the British Isles to promote the album. The tracks on the single are:  'I'm A Hit Again', 'Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer', a portion of the Bill Mack interview, and 'It's Nothing To Me'.

On the promotional leaflet it was announced that a CD single from the album would be released in November. There was also a notice that the   producers of 'I'm A Hit Again' could be contacted for interviews on radio.

The release of the 2 CD album has been postponed by a month, to December 1st.  It has been noticed that some pictures and text on the H&H MUSIC webpages about the album had been removed when the release date was put backward. 

It is very unfortunate that the release of the album got postponed but fortunately pre-orders for the album could be taken at various British internet shops.  was not effected by the delay and delivered copies of the album to it customors last week.  

Even today there's  a large market for Jim Reeves recordings in the British Isles, for Jim Reeves is still very popular overthere. Will the general public like the new sound and buy the album ? Time will tell.

It will be interesting to watch both the album and the single and see if they enter into the UK charts.  Wouldn't it be nice to see a Jim Reeves record back in the charts after all these years?