On this website we have mentioned the Dutch TOP 2000 CHARTS OF 2013, and the fact that Jim Reeves did not make it into the poll, and this one shows the UK is no different with no one willing to support Jim's music on the airwaves. It is quite an embarrassment to see some of the names appearing in the "UKCOUNTRYRADIO.COM TOP 30 ALL TIME GREATEST COUNTRY SONGS", when one considers Reeves has to be up there as one of country music's most successful performers (via record sales) in the UK, JIM REEVES DID NOT MAKE IT INTO THE TOP 30, UNBELIEVABLE!!!.

For many months UKCountryRadio.com talked about a poll for the Greatest Country Hits of all time. The station claims: "Playing the Hottest Country Music for the UK, 24 hours a day” and stated they were the "Most listened to country station across the UK ".

With the assistance of a country magazine, listeners and / or readers were invited to send in their all time favourite three country songs. The number of participants is unknown, their ages ranges from 55 to 80, or from under 55’s brought up on country music by their parents.

Of the songs who made it into the poll are 7 Songs from the 1950's, 3 songs from the 60's, 8 songs from 70's, 6 songs from the 80's, 2 songs from the 90's , 2 songs from the 2000's and 2 songs from the 2010's.

The greatest country song of all time of this poll is "He Stopped Loving Her Today" by George Jones (1980).

Songs from the 1950's and 1960's who made it into poll are:
#2 "Crazy" Patsy Cline (1962)
#3 "Ring Of Fire" Johnny Cash (1963) #26 "I'm Moving On" Hank Snow (1950):
#27 "Hey, Good Lookin' " Hank Williams (1951)
#28 "There Stands The Glass" Webb Pierce (1953)
#29 "I Walk The Line" Johnny Cash (1956)
#30 "El Paso" Marty Robbins (1959)