f you aren’t one of those Jim Reeves fans who has an incessant desire to know what he did on a daily basis, then you’d better leave the room now, or search for another website!

This posting is designed as a special goody bag for those fans showing allegiance to that most austere of institutions - the Ancient Order of Time Liners (or could be Time-Liners or even Timeliners.) We don’t know the correct spelling, or exactly when this method of historical notation began with regard to the life & times of Jim Reeves, but we certainly know who started it here in the UK. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Bill Marks from Birmingham!! Bill’s timeline has been time consuming and is invaluable. He tries to hide its identity by calling his timeline “In his footsteps”, but we know what it really is!!?? We would desperately like to know who we can blame for the Stateside version. All suggestions must be in a sealed envelope. On the betting front, the front runners are Ron McBride & Bob Chudicek, but as yet neither has confessed!!

To be serious for a moment, we must state that there are quite a few illustrious personalities within the Reeves fan scene who are exhibiting severe symptoms of fascination & enthusiasm towards time-lines (allegedly). These include Arie den Dulk, Dolfie Griebler, Kurt Rokitta, Gerard van der Linden, Jean de Prijcker, Eimbert van den Oetelaar and of course, the greatest one of them all, our American author whose book is one giant timeline. These chronologists will leave no stone unturned in their passion to fill in in the blank dates.

So to make their day and help them on their way, with what can only be termed “a real treat”, David Bussey is revealing the itinerary of Jim’s August 1962 South African tour which he alluded to in his essay on Gilbert Gibson. The copy correspondence between Chet Atkins & Mr. McGrath of Teal Records has never ever been seen publicly and certainly the two Reeves biographers had no idea of its content. McGrath’s itinerary is reproduced verbatim from his copy letter of 24th July 1962.

“The itinerary for your tour has been finally settled - all venues booked - and seat bookings open on Friday. The following is the exact concert performance itinerary, plus confirmed official and publicity engagements.

Saturday 18th August: Arrive Jan Smuts 1.30 p.m. - 5 p.m. Press Conference and
Radio interviews
Saturday evening: Free period

Sunday 19th August a.m. Rehearsal (if necessary); discussion of tour plans.
Sunday 1 p.m. Private Luncheon - Paul Bothner, Chairman, Bothner Group of
Sunday p.m. Rehearsal or free period
Sunday 6 p.m. Official reception S.A. Record Dealers, Press, Radio & Disc
Jockeys - Presentation of Golden Records to Jim Reeves.
Monday 20th August 11 a.m. Autograph session at O.K. Bazaars.
Monday 1 p.m. S.A. Record Manufacturers Association official lunch.
Monday p.m. Free period
Monday p.m. Concert - Ellis Park Centre Tennis Courts

Tuesday 21st August a.m. Record autographing at Record Dealers
Tuesday midday Official reception by Mayor of Johannesburg.
Tuesday p.m. Free period
Tuesday 5 p.m. Guests of honour at Press Club reception.
Tuesday 8 p.m. Concert - Springs Stadium

Wednesday 22nd August a.m. Visit to Premier Diamond Mine - guests of Anglo American
Corporation of South Africa.
Wednesday p.m. Free Period
Wednesday evening Concert - Ellis Park Centre Tennis Courts

Thursday 23rd August a.m. Free period
Thursday p.m. Depart Klerksdorp
Thursday 6 p.m. Concert - Leba Theatre (2 shows - 6 & 9 p.m.)

Friday 24th August a.m. Return Johannesburg (120 miles by coach)
Friday p.m. Autograph session Record Dealers
Friday evening Concert - Ellis Park Centre Tennis Courts

Saturday 25th August a.m. Depart Bloemfontein (one hour flight)
Saturday 10.30 a.m. Press interviews - Bloemfontein newspapers, autograph
session at Record Dealers
Saturday p.m. Attend final Rugby Test Match between South Africa and
British Isles touring team.
Saturday 8 p.m. Concert - Bloemfontein Showgrounds
Saturday 11 p.m. Drive to Kimberley by coach (100 miles)

Sunday 26th August a.m. Depart by chartered aircraft to Cape Town arriving midday
Sunday p.m. Free period - sightseeing Cape Peninsula
Sunday 6 p.m. Reception - Cape Town Record Dealers, press conference,

Monday 27th August a.m. Sightseeing Cape Town
Monday p.m. Free period
Monday evening Concert - Parow Civic Centre (6 & 9 p.m.)

Tuesday 28th August a.m. Free period
Tuesday midday Depart Cape Town for Port Elizabeth (90 minute flight)
Tuesday evening Concert - Port Elizabeth (6 p.m. & 9 p.m.)

Wednesday 29th August a.m. Courtesy visit to Port Elizabeth Record Dealers
Wednesday midday Depart Port Elizabeth for Durban
Wednesday p.m. Arrive Durban - free period
Wednesday 8 p.m. Concert - Durban Icedrome

Thursday 30th August a.m. Free period
Thursday p.m. Free period
Thursday 8 p.m. Concert - Icedrome

Friday 31st August a.m. Depart Durban to Pretoria (2 hour flight)
Friday p.m. Visit Union Buildings, Pretoria - meet Prime Minister
(alternatively on day of visit to Premier Mine)
Friday 7 p.m. Concert - Pretoria Show

Saturday 1st September a.m. Visit Pretoria Record Dealers
Saturday p.m. Free period
Saturday evening Concert - Pretoria Show

Sunday 2nd September &
Monday 3rd September Kruger National Park - guests of Paul Bothner & self.

Tuesday 4th September a.m. Fly Bulawayo
Tuesday 8 p.m. Concert - Bulawayo

Wednesday 5th September a.m. Return Johannesburg
Wednesday p.m. Special Charity appearance as guest stars at S.A. major
Charity night.

All the above concert appearances have been firmly booked and most of the venues ideal
for large crowds. Full capacity of all the venues amounts to 75,000 - whether we will, in fact,
attracts such big crowds remains to be seen. We will know when booking opens next week.”



However, it would be totally remiss & irresponsible of us not to mention the fact that the above information is absolutely at odds with the account as detailed in “The Untold story.” The author needs to re-examine his dating, accept that his information is wrong & decide what he wants to do about it. This is to inform him of an ERROR. It could even be termed a valid CRITICISM of the book, but it is no more of an ATTACK on anybody than a wet sponge!

Trouble is he doesn’t see it like this at all, for in his mind, criticism is a personal attack on someone who is beyond criticism, especially from someone he hates & detests - the only Reeves fan in the world who has dared utter a public word against his book.

Thus far, since the book’s publication, he has not admitted to a single error or omission, despite being pointed to several. Just what is his problem? Why does he feel a need to duck the criticism & attack the critic with a tirade of verbal venom. The attacks are all one way. He finds no problem in criticising & attacking other fans, personalities & books. Let’s go back to 1998. As a relative newcomer to the Reeves scene he took it solely upon himself to rubbish a book about to be published by Mike Streissguth. The publishers Rutledge Hill Press of Nashville foolishly allowed him, for some reason, we know not what, to view the rushes of the new book before publication. He then proceeded to send them an 8 page presumptuous spiel, informing them of just how a book on Jim Reeves should be written. The communication now reads like one huge joke. Hypocrisy is a word that comes to mind. Maybe he’ll feature it on his blog. Thankfully the publishers ignored him.

We were determined to post all of this without having to mention that author. But he himself did throw down the gauntlet to that European fan site & its members to get up off their backsides & do something. He did admit to “not being infallible”, which to the uninitiated means “fallible”, so he really only has himself to blame.