Once more it would appear from tittle tattle I received, that the vociferous Last Word Larry is spending his recuperational leisure time getting worked up, & once again slinging arrows  of hatred across the water at me, when he should be spending his time recovering, correcting the errors & removing the shit from his book. Doesn't this man ever think of anything  other than attacking and denigrating people who have as much right to an opinion as he or anyone else? Trouble is, he has always dished out his own dubious opinions by the  bucketload, but take any form of criticism, no chance, never in a hundred years.

I don't know what he magically sees in the stuff he automatically attributes to me, but I know it must trigger something in that over active brainbox of his, creating a megalamaniac of  huge proportions. I would remind him YET AGAIN, that I have NEVER discouraged anyone from buying his book. Those who want it, will buy it. What I would like people to know, is  exactly what is in the book. Something he seems embarassed about. His belated index was an attempt at a face saving exercise and is a waste of time. He has never referred to  the "Sordid Index of Shame" which pulls no punches & reveals all the unnecessary filth in his book. I couldn't care less how many thousands of copies he might sell, or how rich he  gets out of his Reeves projects. What I am objecting to, is his use of the most distasteful stories & text, in order, not to perpetuate the wholesome legend that is the music & memory  of Jim Reeves, but deliberately seeking to destroy him with a continuous barrage of totally unnecessary sexual filler in a tome that certainly didn't require it. Since the book's  publication 2 years ago, the author has yet to give a satisfactory explanation for the aforementioned tasteless & destructive material. Can he give one good reason why he had to  write all that drivel? The word "truth" never entered his equation. The author has admitted on several occasions that titillation sells books. He even went so far as to thank the author of  "The Sordid Index of Shame" " for helping him to sell more books." How's that for bravado!! As I've said before, and I know there were those who disagreed with me, "The Untold Story" could have been the greatest book ever written on Reeves for time & eternity, but it never can be, until the material detailed in the "Sordid Index of Shame" is obliterated from  its pages, and the story of Reeves music is told in full.

I don't want to have to keep repeating myself, as our dear author is now doing over and over again, to the point where he must be getting on people's nerves. He's so boring & I'm  extremely bored & what's more sick & tired of him & his rantings. He's now gone full circle, tried sarcasm, humour, rumouring, alleged defammation, character assassination, mental shortcomings, telling lies and much more. He's now resorting back 2 years to his blog & his illegally taped interview with me, when I told him I wanted him to tell the truth in his book,  but I can assure everyone that I had absolutely no idea just what sort of "truth" he would come out with. Only he knew what he had planned to reveal all along.

You don't know the meaning of the word hypocrite which you toss at people with abandon. I know I don't have that inherrent hatred & condemnation for my fellow humans that you  appear to possess in abundance. I am no moralist & am no better than the next man, and I'm well aware of my many failings, falling far short of of what the Good Lord expects of me.

It's high time you had a good hard long look at yourself in the mirror. I have for over 50 years been a fan who thought & hoped the legend of Gentleman Jim Reeves might last until 2014 in good shape after 50 years, but thanks to you, that won't be the case. Sadly there aren't that many genuine fans left who care enough, for many were bullied & frightened off.

Sorry I have to spoil your day. Your forum posting "Thanks to David Bussey" on January 20th in reply to something you read on the Dutch website gave me credit I did not deserve,  and was a complete and utter waste of your time, talents and insults. You have NEVER ever addressed the relevant point of the subjects raised in any of my messages, essays or postings. All you do is seek to destroy the messenger.

You cannot be that good a judge of my flowery language which you so often make fun of. The American presidential history lesson should have told you it wasn't me. Whilst I agree  fully with everything expressed in the Dutch posting,

                                        I DID NOT WRITE IT & HAD NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH IT!

The posting was in fact by Mr. Frank Anderson whose name was inadvertently omitted. The Dutch website, as you are well aware, is under the control of Arie den Dulk. David Bussey  has no connection with it, & may I suggest that all matters pertaining to your criticism concerning editorial matters, should be addressed to Mr. den Dulk. For someone who suggests he has no interest in the Dutch site, you must waste an awful lot of your time hankering after my every word. Just what is your problem?

What usually happens in cases like this, when someone gets things wrong & shoots their mouth off, a retraction or apology is proffered. But in your case, I'm afraid those who are  "not infallible" never dismount from high horses.  Still, I'm waiting. Are you a man or a mouse?

I wonder sometimes if our author has any sort of Christian commitment or moral backbone. He has been known to use biblical verses from time to time, and someone once said the  bible is more up to date than tomorrow's newspaper. He uses a biblical text in the foreword to his book (Matthew 17: 20-21). Here's another one for his consideration.

                              "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind." Hosea 8:7

True to form, last word Larry will get an immediate serious urge to formulate a meaningless rant back over the water. But I don't give a toss. I never read them 'cause I've seen &  heard them all before. Of course there are those gossip mongers & shit stirrers who seem to take delight in passing on what this great man thinks of me. I'm feeling sorry for him &  them. It's so sad. If his last one was the best he could muster, then he has now lost the plot and should apply himself to his next money making project. Just stay out of my hair. I'm  sick to the teeth of your affected posturings and meaningless drivel directed at me. I've already said what I need to say on the shortcomings of your book. The many mistakes will  remain in it to haunt you. I won't be correcting them! I want to be well away from thoughts of you, your followers and this so-called Jim Reeves scene by the 50th.

As for me, I apologise to those many level headed fans & visitors who enjoyed a glimpse into my scrapbooks at material they could not see on other websites, but they are now  closed, and I'm going away again for some peace & quiet until further notice. Make the most of it, Larry!!??

David Bussey