By Arie den Dulk

Bea Terry was for a period handling publicity for Jim Reeves in the mid 1950's. 

"She lived for 25 years in Hollywood, California where she maintained her own public relations office, representing many personalities in the world of entertainment- radio, motion pictures, television, and recordings. She was involved in promoting many songs to the top of the hit parade and guiding unknowns to stardom."(from the liner notes of  'The Southfork Ranch Cookbook' by Bea Terry)

Don Howard, her son,  informed me  that all of the information ( about his mother and Jim Reeves ) for the (Jim Reeves) book was from audio tapes from phone conversations with friends, like Pee Wee King and many others he had supplied. He is writing a book with combined info about Bea and himself.




From the collection of  Frank C. Anderson