Two letters  from BEA TERRY  

Copy of Jim's contract for the Dick Clark Saturday Night Beech-Nut show of February 6, 1960 

Correspondence between Lorne Harasen and Jim Reeves about liner notes for an album 

Christmas time at the home of Jim and Mary Reeves. 

A postcard sent to Jim Reeves by the Hollywood Coordinating Committee in 1954.   

A postcard  from Ireland Jim Reeves sent to friends

Pictures from the photo album of Doris Gath  

Picture and map from the site where Jim's airplane crashed  

South African Christmas Album

Autographed postcards

Country Music Time #223/224 - records and cuesheet   

German Jim Reeves single featuring a rare colour picture   

Contract for a show at Panther Hall, Ft. Worth, Tx.

Colorized early publicity picture

Jim Reeves performs live at KHAT radio

Colour Jim Reeves picture in British magazine

Advertisement for single in The Cash Box Magazine