Interestingly, the Jim Reeves Christmas album was released in South Africa at least one year before it was released in America. Note there are 11 songs in this album, recorded in October 1962. The "Twelve Songs of Christmas" album also contains the song "Silver Bells", recorded by Jim in July 1963.

The liner notes read:

The success story of Jim Reeves reads like a fairy-tale. The ever-mounting popularity of this great singer of ballads seems to know no bounds. Little wonder. Here at last is a true voice, a voice with a warmth and sincerity which immediately bridges the gap between artist and listener. The warmth of Jim Reeves' voice is the very reason why his recording of favourite Christmas numbers was inevitable. In fact, it is amazing that he did not record a Christmas Album years before.

Strange things happen and strangely enough it has been South Africa and South African insistence which has precipitated the recording of this Album this year. We, here in South Africa, made the suggestion to RCA that Jim should make a Christmas Album. We did this only because we were being asked for it by not one but thousands and thousands of Jim Reeves fans. One only has to listen to this Album to know how right we have been. Every Jim Reeves fan will be thrilled by this Album of superbly performed Christmas numbers. I know that this Album is going to add many thousands more to the army of Jim Reeves fans. However, I think that this will be a Christmas Album with a difference - this Christmas Album and many of the beautiful numbers on it will be played and played all through the year.




Sometime after 1964, Teal re-issued the album, again as an 11 track album called 31.672 "Songs of Christmas" with the front and rear cover of the US LPM 2758 "TWELVE SONGS OF CHRISTMAS". The title of the song "Silver Bells" had been erased on the cover and the order of songs was not correct, only on the cover.



In 1976 I ordered a copy of the same album and the song title "Silver Bells" had appeared only on the front cover of this (again) 11 song album.