In the "ASK JOYCE" section of the Jim Reeves Way web site, a letter from a "Perla" addressed to Joyce Jackson accuses me of spreading rumours about. 

The same source stated to have heard a rumour from the Holland fan club that an important briefcase found that contained divorce papers Jim didn't want Mary to know anything about. This same source claims there is a woman in Sweden who bore Jim two kids and that he was planning on marrying her.

The same source also stated that he or she saw on another web site that Californian collector had bought a wallet that was in Jim's pocket when he died.

It appears from her reply Joyce Jackson believes the content of that message.

None of these rumours have appeared in either the fan club magazine or on the fan club web site.  I did a search on the Internet and could not find a trace of a message about the wallet or the rumours I supposedly spread. Did anyone else find  such a message? If so, I like to learn about it.

I do not know anyone who's nickname is "PERLA" or the e-mail address: I sent an e-mail to that address to enquire if that person wrote that letter. I got no reply.

That message contains a lot of inaccuries which surprises me because the  person who runs that web site is intimately informed about the subjects mentioned above.

In fan club magazine issue # 86, of September 1996 there's a review of a 90 minute Jim Reeves special, broadcasted on BBC radio on August 22nd, 1996.  I have a copy of that program (with the interview) in my private collection, as do other Jim Reeves fans. Famous song writer John D. Loudermilk  wrote classics such as "A Rose and a Baby Ruth", "Abilene" and "Waterloo", mentioned he was part of a search party looking for Jim and Dean Manuel and for "a briefcase with very important papers that we didn't want people to see".

I asked the interviewer if he had any idea what type of papers Mr. Loudermilk was referring to. The interviewer told me John D. Loudermilk wouldn't even reveal it to him, and he was even a friend! 

Among a group of Jim Reeves fans there have been private discussions about what type of document could have been in the briefcase, which they didn't want Mary to see. IF what John D. Loudermilk said is true.

I'd like to make two remarks; John D. Loudermilk didn't say the briefcase was retrieved, secondly I doubt it could have been stealthy taken from the scene of the accident as Police and other investigators were at the site of the crash.

In 1978 my wife and I met a Swedish Jim Reeves fan who claimed she had been Jim's lover and had two children from him. She told us if Jim had lived an other 3 months, they would have got married. The expression on our faces showed we didn't believe her as we had interviewed John Rex Reeves, Jim's cousin, the previous year. He told us Jim had the mumps and had became sterile. We met her children too and they didn't resemble Jim in any way, they looked like typical Swedes. 

Very few people knew about this lady. So, if there's any spreading of rumours, it must be one of these.

During the 27 years that I've been running the fan club, I have received several letters or phone calls from people who told me stories about Jim's very private life and wild theories about the air crash. Some women did even sent love letters addressed to Jim to me! I have never felt the desire to print these letters or phone calls yet.