The Velvet Voice
- Jim Reeves

Welcome To My World, Distant Drums, I Love You Because and He'll have to go Just a few songs from the Jim Reeves catalogue But also Teardrops Of Regret, Give Me One More Kiss  and Seabreeze less known but still beautiful tunes. All these songs and many more will be featured in the new Radio 227 series.

Starting on Sunday the 5th of September 2010 you can listen to all the songs Gentleman Jim ever recorded in this special series from Radio 227. In  chronological order you hear how Jim started as a hillbilly country artist and later in the series  how he was the one who introduced the Nashville sound to his recordings and hear him sing songs made famous with  this magnificent music style. 

This Radio 227 series will be broadcast every Sunday night between 21:00 and 22:00  (Dutch Time) and will be welcomed by Reeves fans around the World, make sure you tune in !

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On Sunday September 5th starting at 21.00 hours Dutch time the program starts with a debate,  we start with a 2 hours live broadcast about the life and music of Jim Reeves. Guests in the Radio 227 studio will be: Eimbert van den Oetelaar, Gerard van der Linden (both Jim Reeves experts), and  pop-historian Bert Bossink.  Also present will be Arie den Dulk,  chairman of the only world wide Jim Reeves fan club.

Sunday September 12th starting at 21.00 hours (Dutch Time) the series continues, be sure to set your dial to Radio 227 and hear The Velvet Voice - Jim Reeves.


You can listen to the program via The Internet. The address is:   and think click "luister live"