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In yet another obvious, concerted and coordinated attack, our already well known pitiful US reviewer "THE SELF-APPOINTED OFFICIAL DISACCREDITOR OF ALL PEOPLE, MATTERS & THINGS REEVES SINCE 1998 " Mr. Hemmingway & his 3 pseudonymous mercenary cronies posing as fans, launched their latest hateful, spiteful and personal assault on the life & credibilty of David Bussey who had done nothing more than offer unpaid assistance to the production of the final piece of Bear Family's jigsaw of Reeves original recorded material. This diabolical action - all under the guise of a supposed music review, proceeded to also pour scorn yet again on the Jim Reeves musical legacy.

Amazon.com's reviews total just four, none of which had any obvious bearing as a serious, sensible review of the set. In fact they were all cynically & clinically fabricated in order to attack Mr. Bussey under the pretext of a a review of a newly released 3cd set which they denounced as rubbish . It begs the obvious question of just why these 4 Stateside "heros" bothered to blow away their cash on an expensive set which they already knew would consitute "a waste of money." The answer lies in the fact that Mr. Hemmingway merely wants to see off the opposition to anything said or done which might threaten or jeopadise his world marketing vision of a Mark II version of Jim Reeves created for the 50th anniversary via a "new" 8 cd set. They could just as well have submitted a joint one line review which stated: "If you don't enjoy the early music of Jim Reeves, we don't recommend this set."

Hemmingway and his brave henchmen 'Dastardly Dean," "Five-star Ron" and "Edward Rubinstein" each conjoured up just one measly star for a 3 year piece of Jim's formative musical history, and from all the utter rubbish they wrote, one gets the feeling they would have jointly ticked a minus 5 box, had there been one. "Ron" clearly has no knowledge & appreciation of the Abbotts for he is obviously a new post 1998 man who gives 5 glowing stars to everything else created by our world conquering overdubbing genius who seriously believes 50 years down the road Jim's music is in dire need of a makeover. Five stars to each one of them for their well thought out psedonymns & cowardly anonymity. They, like their so-called "reviews" are a disgrace with their behaviour & comment which served no positive purpose at all to anyone.

Glad to report that Amazon's UK subsidiary is at last re-dressing the reviewing balance with 2 at least normal, real reviewers. "A. Crossland" audaciously dares to give the set 5 stars - he'd better watch out for an attack which immediately transpires after you dare to argue or disagree with the opinion of the great master. Fan club stalwart of almost 50 years, Peter Joiner, also came to the set's rescue, evidently liking it with 4 stars. Notice these are REAL people who have no need to hide.

Two of the Stateside reprobates, messrs. "Hemmingway & sidekick Ron" managed to creep under the radar to offer the British record reviewers the benefit of their one star mentalities. Stay over the water guys with your biased and inflamatory poison!

Amazon reviews should NEVER be a platform for dishonesty, deceit, personal abuse or attack. The actions of such perpetrators has long since been called into question regarding the authenticity, validity & legitimacy of so-called Amazon "reviews." This is not just my long held view.

I'll let another internet contributor Forbes have the final say on the credibility & shame of Amazon reviews which he describes as "rotten to the core." Just Google: Fake reviews: Amazon's Rotten Core - Forbes
here .

I will not remain silent while the integrity of Jim Reeves' total original recorded musical output is being challenged & threatened by a bunch of Stateside cowboys who seriously believe they have a divine right to play around today & in the future with his music & memory.

David Bussey