On Friday April 19, 2003  Leo Jackson and two of his friends, Marco van Vugt and myself had been invited by the Senior Historian of the CMF, Mr. John Rumble, for a  visit  to the famous RCA Sudio B where Jim Reeves had recorded many of his songs. 

In front of the new Country Music Hall of Fame.

RCA Studio B

Leo Jackson at about the spot where he would plug in his guitar amplifier at recording sessions.

Leo Jackson and  John Rumble

Note the piano, some of the original folding chairs and the window of the controlroom

An original 3 track recorder  



Leo Jackson stands in front of Dean Manuel's grave

Near the site where Jim's plane  crashed. I  was told by a person who lives nearby, that the plane came down near the edge of the wooded area, in the middle of the picture.  The airplane came from the right, the direction of the airport is to the left of the picture. 

On the porch of  the former Jim Reeves Museum,  Leo points to the swing he was sitting in when he was filmed for the British TV documentary "Gentleman Jim Reeves"

Leo Jackson , Joyce Jackson -Grey and Joyce's sister Marsha Basore,  pose for the camera after Leo opened a present from Danish fan Mogens Jensen.

Leo plays his 1959 Fender Jazzmaster guitar  which Leo used on Jim Reeves records and personal appearences and many television shows. 

The bill of sale for the 1959 Fender Jazzmaster guitar. 

Leo has an old worn briefcase that belonged to Jim Reeves from the 1950's. It's  handtooled leather.  There are still a number of old pictures inside it.

One of Jim's hats. 

Pictures taken by Arie den Dulk and Marco van Vugt

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