There’s a movie about the life of Johnny Cash which is currently playing in the cinema. ‘Walk The line’ begins with a dramatic episode, the death of Johnny’s brother Jack and finishes with the famous live recording at Folsom Prison. Already it is a highly successful movie which has been nominated for several Oscars.

 Fans have always wondered why  there was never a movie about Jim Reeves. For many years Mary Reeves  told fans of plans for a movie about the life of Jim Reeves.

  After Ed Gregory’s Bankruptcy Auction   in  2003, which included many items from the former Jim Reeves estate,  a copy of  the script for a proposed movie about Jim Reeves  surfaced. It was know that a few years after Jim’s death, Mary had been interviewed by a Hollywood scriptwriter. Probably this script is the result of many hours of interviewing .


  The movie was to be called  ‘GENTLEMAN JIM ' -  (A LEGEND LIVES ON - THE JIM REEVES STORY). The opening scene would  take us back to 1946, to a country music dance at the Armory building   in Marshall, Texas, on the evening when Jim and Mary met each other for the first time.

The theme of the movie is Jim’s  transition from a base ball player to a singer and the love story between Jim and Mary.  There would have been one song by 'Jim Reeves' early in the movie.


 Since the script is much shorter than the one for ‘Kimberley Jim’,  this may have been just a concept. But it gives an interesting sight into the early days of Jim and Mary’s love.