On Sunday the 22nd of October 2006, the fan club held  the 20th annual meeting, in Hilversum.

40 Members  attended the meeting, they came from Belgium, England, Germany, Scotland, and The Netherlands.

The fans enjoyed fine performances by club members Henk Brederode, Eddie Punton and Marie-Anne Lutchmaya, and as we encountered problems with the beamer, more time could be allocated for live singing, the fans were treated on duets by Henk and Eddie, and Marie-Anne joined at the end of the show.

During an interval, several fine prizes could be won at the raffle, such as copies of the Camden albu"According To My Heart", for this meeting espacially  autographed and dedicated by the writer of the song with that name, Mr. Gary Walker, and items kindly donated by SONY/BMG and Ms. Connie Sanders.

Fans could buy all kinds of CD albums and records, and some added several albums to their collection.

 At 4 pm. a phone call was made to Leo Jackson, who celebrated his 72nd Birthday on that day. Fans sang "Happy Birthday"  and Henk Brederode played and sang "Stand At Your Window" to Leo.

We can look back at one of the finest meetings and  have posted a  few pictures of the event below.


 Eddie Punton



Henk Brederode



Marie-Anne Lutchmaya


Eddie Punton and Henk Brederode


Marie-Anne Lutchmaya, Eddie Punton and Henk Brederode


Arie den Dulk thanks  Marie-Anne Lutchmaya, Eddie Punton and Henk Brederode for giving the fans a fine show.

Pictures courtesy of Arie den Dulk, Gerard v. d. Linden and Eimbert v.d. Oetelaar.