On Saturday the 24th of September 2005,the fan club celebrated its 30th anniversary. Special guest was Paul Wheater from Yorkshire in England.

45 Members  attended the meeting, they came from England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Each of the fans received a free CD with rare Jim Reeves outtakes to commemorate the 30th anniversary.

The fans enjoyed a fine show from Paul Wheater. Some rare video footage of Jim, including  8mm footage of the 1954 Jimmy Rodgers Day in Meridian, was shown on a screen.

Several fine prizes could be won at the  raffle, such as Jim Reeves memorabelia , CD albums, etc. The co-founder of the fan club, Bert Bossink, won a VM CD album: 'Jim Reeves Live'.

Fans could buy all kinds of CD albums and records, and some added several albums to their collection.

When you have fun, time flies fast, and many left  the meeeting with a very happy feeling.

We have posted a  few pictures of the event below.







Paul Wheater singing a duet with Belgium member/singer John Belvedere.