David & Chet dazzled by the sunlight outside his Nashville office on their 2nd meeting in July 1984.  Photo - Tony Wall

Spread over two issues of the fan club magazine, we published a 1973 Chet Atkins  interview by Mr. David Bussey. This was the first interview in which Chet Atkins was interviewed solely about Jim Reeves. Chet's memories were very fresh, as Jim Reeves had died only 9 years earlier. Although the interview was only 45 minutes long, Chet talked about many subjects in vivid detail, and when he was interviewed again by David 11 years later, Chet's memories on Jim  were either stereotyped or forgotten.

 At the end of the article, a transcripted part of a BFBS program  on Jim Reeves "Portrait  in sound", recorded in 1964 was reproduced, in which Chet and Jim talk about each other. We believe that the interviews give an honest reflection of the respect and friendship between Chet and Jim.  The article is a "must  have" for genuine Jim Reeves fans. We offer those two issues of the fan club magazine to non fan club members at a special price; 7 Euros (US $9.00) including p&p. Payment by Paypal only (adendulk@online.nl ) . Order your copies now and you  could receive them before Christmas Time.

David Bussey founded the British OFFICIAL JIM REEVES FAN CLUB OF GREAT BRITAIN  in 1965 at the request  of Mary Reeves. The fan club had several thousand members, mostly from  Great Britain &  Europe. He and a number of members, thanks to  active promotion were  instrumental in keeping the memory and music of Jim Reeves in Britain alive. In 1977 David Bussey closed down the fan club as he was too involved in sport as an amateur football referee. However he kept up his interest in the music of Jim Reeves and was active behind the scenes. David's name is well known in the UK , having been invited to be a  special guest on both local and national radio programs in the UK on the subject of Jim Reeves. He had a monthly Jim Reeves column in "Opry" and it successor "Country Music People" for a number of years, He was also one of the script writers for the 7 hours BBC radio documentary   "JIM REEVES AND HIS MUSIC" in 1981 which more or less was cloned by Mary Reeves and Tom Perryman for their US version. In 1989 David Bussey was a consultant, and  participated in the TVS television program "Gentleman Jim Reeves", which was shown in most European countries, and even in South Africa and Australia. The program has been released on DVD  a numbers of years ago. For many years he is being acknowledged as an important authority and historian  on the music of Jim Reeves, and his advice is still being sought  by those writers wishing to know the unbiased truths on the music and memory of Jim Reeves.