At long last we have a reaction from the web's "most authoritive & trusted site" acknowledging the existence of the article detailing the obvious truth that "How Many Tears From Now?" is PLAGIARISTIC.

The original article does not "suggest" the fact. It merely states the truth that the melody belonged to the Jenny Lou Carson song "Many Tears Ago" from 1944. If in any doubt, why not purchase a copy of the BACM cd and let your own ears confirm what is so blatantly obvious, rather than print 6 paragraphs seeking to provide a smokescreen of speculative irrelevance about the how's, where's, why's & wherefore's about the origins of a couple of acetates. Is anyone really interested? No one can ever be an authority on the most woolly period of Jim's life between 1947 & 1951. Let's just let the musc tell the tale.


And now to add further insult to injury, we have discovered that Eddy Arnold, no less, recorded and released "Many Tears Ago" twice!! It was first recorded by Eddy Arnold on 9th July 1945 and released on Bluebird 33-0540 in 1946. Eddy Arnold recorded it again on 22nd December 1948 and it reached #10 in the BillBoard charts on 5th February 1949 and also #10 in the Juke Box charts. Both recordings are available on Bear Family.

If you still can't make up your mind that the melody is plagiarised, give a listen to Ray Price's version of "Many Tears Ago" recorded on 6th March 1957 and included with his version of "I Love You Because" on his Columbia album CL-1015. This recording is also available on Bear Family.   

No small wonder Jim Reeves never contemplated doing anything with the song. Just what credibility would it have had? Incidentally, neither Sony Music UK nor Sony/ATV Music in the USA could provide us with a lead sheet for the song. That surely says something.

At some stage those Reeves "authorities" might just admit we have a point and decide to add the name of Jenny Lou Carson rightfully to the co-writer credits of "How Many Tears From Now?".

We await all answers eagerly with great interest".