The 41 scrapbooks collected & compiled by David Bussey during his tenure running the Official Jim Reeves Fan Club of Great Britain between 1966 & 1977 have finally returned home. He sold the books in 1998 to Stuart Oliver, a staunch Jim Reeves & country music fan who was a loyal member of both the British club and it's successor in Holland right up to his sad passing in 2001. Stuart was a generous & trusted friend of both David & Arie den Dulk.
After his death, his vast collection of 7000 discs & memorabilia (including the scrapbooks) quite literally disappeared without trace. Rumours abounded that all the Reeves material had been acquired by a California collector.

Now, some 12 years later, as if by magic, the record collection, memorabilia & scrapbooks, some 73 lots in total, re-surfaced and were put up for auction at a West Country auction house on 4th July 2013. It transpired the material had been put into storage on Stuart's death by his executors who struggled to find a way to dispose of it successfully at the price it was worth. For reasons unknown it was just left in storage, with all the charges involved,
that is until now.

The auction was on the internet, but sadly the promotion, or lack of it, meant there was a disappointing reaction to the specialist nature of the material and hammer prices were ridiculously low. A Somerset dealer in antiques & collectables purchased the Reeves scrapbooks and put up just one copy for sale on Ebay.

Once again, as if by some quirk of fate, the Ebay sale was spotted by American collector Frank Anderson who immediately informed David Bussey who contacted the dealer to see if he had the other 40 books. Their historical significance & journey was explained and a deal struck to purchase the whole collection for an agreed undisclosed substantial sum.

David is obviously over the moon. He doubted if he would ever see his scrapbooks again. The books have been safely delivered to his home and are now back in their rightful place on their old shelf in the hallway. Their contents will once again provide the memories & detail of those precious years for his future research efforts..