A Clifford Herring  Sound Studio actate disc


A decade ago, I acquired an acetate disc from the former Jim Reeves estate, at an Ebay auction. On one side Jim Reeves is singing "Teardrops of Regret", a song he recorded on the Macy label in November, 1949. On the other side Jean Shepard sings "Crying Steel Guitar Waltz", a song Jean Shepard recorded on the Capitol label in September, 1953.  This acetate disc had been transcribed at the Clifford Herring Recording Studio in Fort Worth, Texas, probably late 1953, or early 1954.



 Pictures: Arie den Dulk collection

There were several recording studios in the Fort Worth / Dallas and Houston area. There is an acetate disc by  Jim Reeves on the Houston based Gold Star label from the early 1950s. Another Houston based company was ACA, which produced the MACY's.

We can only speculate for which reason this particular acetate was produced, and why Jim kept a copy.