This month BEAR FAMILY RECORDS will release a CD with a complete Jim Reeves Radio Show. This show will feature all the guests.

The sound quality is very good as the source  is a reel tape.

This release will be followed by a CD later this year, which features only the Jim Reeves portions from 4 other episodes from the same week.

The released date of the CD albums has been appropriately chosen, as the these episodes have been originally aired 45 years ago, in the week of February 24-28, 1958.  


The Jim Reeves Radio Show for Monday, February 24, 1958

1. Introduction
2. Jim Reeves... Thank You
3. Jim Reeves: Everywhere You Go 
4. Dialogue Jim Reeves and Dolores Watson
5. Dolores Watson: The Last Song And Dance 
6. Dialogue & Weather Report
7. Owen Bradley Orchestra: Parker's Trot
8. Dialogue & Advertising
9. Buddy Hall: All The Way 
10.The Anita Kerr Quartet: I'm Available
11. Dolores Watson : I'll Never Say Never Again 
12. Dialogue
13. Buddy Hall: Chances Are
14. Dialogue
15. Owen Bradley Orchestra: The Way You Look Tonight 
16. The Anita Kerr Quartet: Promises
17. Dialogue
18. Jim Reeves. Count Your Blessings Corner : Poem
19. Dialogue
20. Jim Reeves: Need Me 
21. Buddy Hall: Angel Smile 
23. Dialogue
24. The Anita Kerr Quartet. No More Tears To Cry 
26. Dialogue & Weather Report
27. Owen Bradley Orchestra: Stomping At The Savoy 
28. Dialogue
29. Jim Reeves: Overnight 
29. Dialogue
30. Dolores Watson: I've Got The World On A String 
31. Dialogue
32. The Anita Kerr Quartet: Somebody Stole My Gal 
33. Dialogue
34. Owen Bradley Orchestra: Moonlight Bay
35. Jim Reeves: My Happiness

photograph: courtesy of Bear Family Records

The liner notes have been written by Mike Streisguth, he also wrote the liner notes for an other BEAR FAMILY RECORDS release on Jim Reeves; JIM REEVES AND FRIENDS - RADIO DAYS, volume 2. There are 5 believed not before published pictures taken at the show.