For those of you that do not know me, my name is Lani Arnold and I am the daughter of Vergie Reeves Thomas. My Mother was Jim 's sister.

Today is a celebration of the life of Mary Reeves. A beautiful lady, both inside and out. A lady that was strong, gracious, funny, vivacious, and loving.

A lady that loved Jim Reeves more than life itself. I will be forever grateful for all she did to protect and promote his legacy. Mary did this at the expense of sacrificing her own health and well being. Mary was a very kind lady and if you wanted to make her smile just mention "Jim Reeves".Even during her failing health, she enjoyed talking about Jim. She told me  many times that "the happiest times of her life was spent with Jim."

Mary was never to busy to call or write me a letter. She loved my Grandmother and financially took care of her until her death. Something she did not have to do. She was an astute  business woman, and well respected in the music industry until her health started to decline and spiral out of control.

Almost 20 years ago, Mary knew her health was declining and had Frances call me to come to Nashville to help her. I set out to do just that. After all the ups and downs of the legal battles that surround this estate, I must say that the greatest accomplishment for me takes place right here today. Mary desired to be buried next to Jim and so stated that in her will.  Today the desire of her heart is being fulfilled.

I personally feel like Mary is at peace now. She is back where she wanted to be, beside Jim and Cheyenne.

I want to thank you for attending today to pay respect and to welcome home a great lady.


from left to right Carolyn Thorne, Kay Fox, Lani Arnold, and Joyce Jackson

Picture courtesy of  Marco van Vugt




There is so much I could say about Mary, but it would take too long to share all the wonderful things about this special lady that I knew and loved so much.
She was not only my boss, and even though we were not blood related, she was in many ways like a big sister. She always stood by me no matter what problem I had and usually laughed about it with that infectious laugh that only she had until whatever I was faced with became minor.
Best of all Mary was a beautiful friend and loved Jim like no other and I'm very happy that today, her desire, that was stated in her will, is finally being fulfilled thanks to the tenaciousness of Lani. Few know what all Lani has been through so that this day could come to fruition.  I know, and I applaud her.
I truly loved Mary Reeves and now she can rest in peace beside the love of her life, Gentleman Jim Reeves.


Joyce Jackson, was  Jim and Mary's secretary for a combined 30 years, and James Kirkland, who was one of the Blue Boys.

Picture courtesy of  Dean Jones