In November 2007 a very rare 12" record of a Jim Reeves appearence on the Kroger sponsored portion of the Grand Ole Opry in 1963 was being auctioned on Ebay. It was transmitted over WTRP (near Columbus, Georgia) back in probably (Thursday)  October 17th of 1963.

Jim Reeves, and the Blue Boys performed these songs:

JIM REEVES I'm Gonna Change Everything
BLUE BOYS - Black Mountain Rag
JIM REEVES He'll Have To Go
JIM REEVES Missing Angel


Other artists featured on this show were Marion Worth and Lonzo & Oscar. This is possibly the only live version of Jim Reeves performing "Missing angel".

Unfortunately a few days before the auction would end, it was withdrawn by the Ebay seller. We have not been able to establish who acquiered the record and if the recordings would be commercially released at some time.

It is known Jim Reeves sang on other episodes of the Kroger sponsored portion of the Opry, and possibly more records of that  sponsored show exist, in public or private archives.