David Bussey's final public act in a lifetime of loyal service to the Jim Reeves cause was to journey to Leeds railway station to meet up with again and present a token of his thanks to David Pell who had travelled up by rail from his home in Hoyland, Nr. Barnsley.   David is retired and worked 36 years for Hoyland District council.   When it comes to being a fan of Jim Reeves, in the real old-fashioned meaning of the term, David is the tops. 
He was a member of the old Jim Reeves Fan Club of Great Britain & when that closed in 1977, he refused to accept that the club had ceased.  Since that date he has been continually in regular contact with David Bussey despite being constantly reminded  that he shouldn't be addressing his correspondence to the "Jim Reeves Fan Club" any longer.
He is your archetype dinosaur who wishes to remain firmly in the 20th century.  He has no phone, no computer and no cd player.  His vast Reeves collection consists of all variaties of vinyl & cassettes which he listens to in bed on his Walkman.
He did invest in a dvd player in order to watch Jim, and finally accepted cd's from David Bussey after being told he could play them on his dvd player.
David still trawls around flea markets & car boot sales searching for anything he is missing by Jim.  So endeavouring  to drag David into the 21st century, albeit kicking & screaming, he was presented by David Bussey with the 16cd Bear Family set which will provide him with all Jim's studio material he is missing.
David Pell is a genuine, lovely human being who will remain a Jim Reeves fan forever.   Like many others over the past 50 years,  these fans have been the salt of the Jim Reeves musical earth.   In this digital age we live in, we must never forget them.
David Bussey wishes he could pass on his personal gratitude and thanks to every single one of them.