A number of Jim Reeves fans asked if we knew that a record label would announce the release an album , Jim Reeves - The Lost recordings, with over 25 musical performances  by Jim Reeves plus comedy routines on the Opry's PRINCE ALBERT SHOW, and  congratulated us with this "coup". Some fans expressed they were horrified to learn that these recordings could be listened to free of charge! Many spent most of the day  listening to all of the Prince Albert Shows in which Jim Reeves performed. It made their  day.

No, we had no prior knowledge of the tracks of that CD album. We read about the new album one day after we posted about the CMF digital archive on our website. The new  album has less Jim Reeves' Opry tracks than there are in the CMF digital archive.

In the CMF digital archives, Jim sings 57 songs, including one incomplete song, and  singing a rare harmony together with Marty Robbins, on a Ray Price performance. It is believed to have been the only occasion Jim sang harmony with one or more recording  artists who were members of the Grand Ole Opry. Jim also did eleven comedy routines with Rod Brasfield and Archie Campbell, and a few P.A. commercials.

Although the sound quality is very good, according to a statement on their website, the  CMF supplies recordings in better sound quality to companies who licence their recordings. VM boasted their recordings are of better quality than the ones CMF  streamed. Perhaps VM licensed the Opry recordings, perhaps they have obtained these  recordings from other sources. The ones at the CMF digital archives originate from 16  inch metal disc acetates, recorded by WSM. Remember tape recording by members of  the public were very rare at that time and usually of much poorer quality.  Although the VM tracks will probably be  of the same sound quality as on the album "Jim Reeves and Friends in Nashville" which  are slightly but not significantly better than the ones the CMF streams. It is not known if  VM will release the remaining P.A. Opry Jim Reeves performances on a future release.

The VM album can be ordered only through Good Music Store. Their website is  www.good-music-store.myshopify.com and their contact address is Suite M0218, 265-  269 Kingston Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 3NW, UK which happens to be the same  address as for the Good Music Store in Canada (http://good-music.biz/), although the  latter does sell VM releases, one can't order the latest Jim Reeves release there (yet). To  some it gives the impression that Good Music Store did not want to take the risk that  their Canadian website got closed down by an unforeseen action by another party, and  created a website run under the umbrella of the ecommerce platform shopify.com to sell their latest product.

The address of both (same?) shops is an historic building located in a suburb of London,  Wimbledon, which is well known for Tennis tournements. A plaque posted near the  entrance of the building reads: "This building dates mainly from the 18th century, but  includes later additions. From 1895 until his death in 1911 Frederic Shields, an artist  associated with the pre-raphaelites, lived and worked here. From 1912 till the mid-  1930's it was the home and offices of architect J.S. Brocklesby, who designed many 'arts  and crafts' houses locally and elsewhere. Subsequently it was the headquarters of  Merton Park Film studios from 1929-1967." Wikepedia reports that between 1940 and  1945, war-time propaganda films were produced in Merton Park Film Studio.

There's a large sign in front of the building of "Tax & Link, a Chartered Tax Advisors and Accountants", (www.tax-link.co.uk) A company who provides "advice and first class  service to business and personal clients". Over 104 companies are registered on that  address. There is no information which suggests both shops have been registered there too. It seems the address could be a Dropbox.

To vist the CMF digital archive and listen to the Jim Reeves performances, and view photographs,  click here