The CMF website has a "digital archive" section. It contains hundreds of various audio recordings, among them Grand Ole Opry's Prince Albert shows. Among these historic recordings are almost two dozen Prince Albert episodes, featuring Jim Reeves.

Besides singing, Jim Reeves host some shows, does some comedy with some of the Opry regulars, such as Rod Brasfield, and Archie Campbell, Jim announces P.A. commercials with Grant Turner, Chet Atkins presents Jim with a Gold Record for 'He'll have to go". But the biggest surprise is no doubt the  November 16, 1957 show. The 32nd anniversary of the Grand Ole Opry was celebrated that night, and that weekend the  6th annual  Disk Jockey Festival was taking place. Ray Price performed his great hit "Crazy Arms" and one can hear the public going wild during his performance. After Ray finished Ernest Tubbs calls "There they are, Jim Reeves, Marty Robbins and Ray Price! Wonderful Boys!" It was probably the first and last time Jim Reeves and Marty Robbins sang harmony on the Opry.  I wonder if anyone had taken pictures of the historic performance, AFIK, none have not surfaced yet.

Unfortunately, Jim's very first performance at the Grand Ole Opry, on May 23, 1953, has not been included. It would have proved once and for all that Hank Snow indeed introduced Jim Reeves that night. I have been informed more audio recordings will be added eventually. 

There is also one 'AMERICAN ACE' 15 minutes portion of the Grand Ole Opry from November 17, 1956 in the digital archive, featuring Jim Reeves.

The sound quality of these recordings is good, and the best thing is you can listen to these recordings for FREE!

To vist the CMF digital archive and listen to the Jim Reeves performances, and view photographs,  click here